Mannequins and Bikinis

Swimsuit season is around the corner and with shops like Everything But Water and Tori Burch; finding the best bikini for your figure can be tough! How do you shop swimsuits? With those ever so slender mannequins it is hard to tell where to start and which suit to try on first. Well, here are some secrets to bikini shopping, part 1.

Types of Swimsuits

Let’s look at the top swimsuit categories:

  • Cup Size
  • Figure Control
  • 1 Piece
  • 2 Piece
  • Conservative 1 Piece (think Marilyn Monroe)
  • Cover-Ups
  • Long Torso
  • Mastectomy

When deciding which type of swimsuit you need, first decide how much skin you want to show. If you are hanging with the girls and spending the summer poolside at a swanky resort, you may want something along the lines of a brazilian-cut bikini by VIX.

If you are attending a friend’s wedding and would like a more conservative approach, try Profile by Gottex. For country club cover-ups, try Trina Turk swimsuits with matching cover-ups, and for those with longer torsos you may want to head over to Reebok’s swimsuit section.

There is so much to picking out the right suit, not only does the fabric need to grace your skin without “back fat”, you need to make sure the inner workings of the fabric are breathable and what most would call, moisture wicking. Because even underwater, a lady can sweat in all the wrong places.

No, I do not work with these brands, I just have years of retail fashion experience, and you guessed it, my niche was upscale swimsuits!  Questions? Let me know! Part two is in the works. A complete summer guide to swimsuits for every-body 😉



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